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What is Zevo? is your code visualisation tool accelerating everything from code comprehension to deployment and observation. Streamline shipping, refactoring, and onboarding for both legacy and existing applications.

  • Dynamic code analysis

    Analyzes source code, Logs and cloud infrastructure for deeper insights and second order code dependencies within a click.

  • Contextual code understanding

    Our AI model maps your codebase to the contextual english meaning of the code as if a developer was sitting next to you.

  • Code maps

    Zevo automatically builds code maps to help you Search and Understand Codebases skipping lengthy documentations..


Embrace the future of coding with today. Unleash your potential and redefine what you can achieve in the world of software development.


Code Maps

Gain a real time visualisation for your code for a lightning-fast code comprehension.


Code Review

Visual Snapshot of code flow pre and post-push to analyse code dependencies, facilitating faster code release.


Code Onboarding

Onboard developers with a step by step code flow

Simplified Apps and Language Integration.

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