Understand, Debug, and Refactor Legacy Code 10x Faster

Zevo.ai is your indispensable sprint cycle companion, accelerating everything from code comprehension to deployment and observation. Streamline shipping, refactoring, and onboarding for both legacy and existing applications.

Main Features

Embrace the future of coding with Zevo.ai today. Unleash your potential and redefine what you can achieve in the world of software development.

Visualize Legacy Code Rapidly

Gain a contextual data flow view for lightning-fast code comprehension.

10x faster Code Review

Visual snapshots of code pre- and post-push for efficient refactoring.

Confident Shipping, No Rollbacks

Identify logical flaws before deploying your code.

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Advanced Access Control

Zevo.AI ensures codebase security with fine-grained permissions, secure authentication, version control, granular project-level security, and compliance tools.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Zevo.AI provides convenient access via terminals, mobile apps, web apps, and IDE plugins, ensuring seamless utilization of its coding assistant capabilities.


Integrate Zevo.AI effortlessly to unlock its full potential and enhance your coding experience in your preferred development environment.

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