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Effortlessly Automate Data, Infra and Team Dependencies with Our AI-Powered Visualization tool. Zevo.ai is your personal assistant to help you with all things in sprint cycle from understanding code to deployment and observation. Ship, refactor and onboard to legacy or existing applications faster.

Crafted for Startup, Businesses, Big Organizations.

Your ultimate software development partner, from ideation to deployment. Revolutionize your coding journey with powerful AI support

From Ideation to Deployment

Efficient Development Workflow

Automated Testing and Deployment

Real-time Monitoring and Performance Insights

Collaborative Environment

Continuous Learning and Improvement

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Advanced Access Control

Zevo.AI ensures codebase security with fine-grained permissions, secure authentication, version control, granular project-level security, and compliance tools.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Zevo.AI provides convenient access via terminals, mobile apps, web apps, and IDE plugins, ensuring seamless utilization of its coding assistant capabilities.


Integrate Zevo.AI effortlessly to unlock its full potential and enhance your coding experience in your preferred development environment.