5 Best Code Quality Tools to improve your code

By Priyanshu Piyush

July 15, 2023

The quality of the code has always been a problem in the programmer's community. A good code is one that you can reuse for years after writing. On the other hand, low-quality programmers often write code to solve problems that exist at the time of writing and do not think in advance about how to scale the code base as it grows, how to write code when other programmers have to take over a particular project, and how other programmers can easily follow it. To combat this, programmers need to implement a programming language style guide and a code quality testing tool that can check their code against common problems and misuse.

The best code quality tools help organizations speed code shipments while maintaining the integrity of software products with top-notch code quality. This enables organizations to effectively address the burden of technology debt while maintaining a tight and consistent full-request process.

I tested and reviewed the best code quality tools available today. Keep reading to find the tool's Quality, features, pros and cons.

5 Best Code Quality tools for error-free coding


1. Zevo

In the top 5 best Code Quality tools, Zevo tops our list. Zevo is probably the most reliable and popular software development site. Many software have been developed on Zevo and are used by hundreds of developers worldwide, from small startups to large companies in Fortune 50. Zevo provides continuous code testing capabilities to ensure that your code files, modules, code projects, and folders are always quality tested. The main focus areas of the Zevo platform are potential bugs, comments, coding rules, unit testing, redundancy, complexity, architecture, and design. For any level of coding enthusiast, whether it's a small business company, a full-scale enterprise, or a freelancer, Zevo offers everything you need for your project.

  • It has full language support. C#, Python, Java, etc. are famous.
  • Integrates with Azure DevOps servers, Jenkins, and many other CI/CD pipelines.
  • You can verify the code quality and security of your project.
  • Provide results in a rich report format.
  • Highlight the changed file to display the nicely organized directory structure.
  • Integrates well with other tools.
  • It has a great user interface with a beautiful dashboard.
  • Old commits can be cleaned with just one click
  • You can get a quick view of the status of the review.
  • It can become even more powerful by adding artificial intelligence and mathematics functions.

2. SonarQube

SonarQube is the second most popular code security and quality analysis tool on the market. With the help of the open-source community, SonarQube can now parse and output more than 25 programming languages. SonaQube is A popular static code analysis tool that can be used to identify errors and test security. Open-source packages that run on Docker on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Azure and are free and paid for continuous code quality inspection and automated review.

  • One line command can easily be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline.
  • It can also be integrated into Gradle and Maven build cycles.
  • Examine almost everything, including formatting, variable declaration code quality, exception handling, etc.
  • This allows you to verify that the code is expected quality before it is merged.
  • Easy to deploy-most popular language support, easily integrated into ci/cd pipelines-there are various features of ui-code performance, styling, and security with frequent explanations.
  • First of all, this tool has an easy user interface that highlights all errors and bugs. It also shows how much effort it takes to fix it.
  • Integration and PR analysis with Bitbucket are most useful.
  • The default rules are limited and may need to be changed

3. PVS-Studio

PVS-Studio is the best solution not only to detect typos and dead code but also potential vulnerabilities. SAST solution that assists integration in popular IDE CI/CD and other platforms. PVS-Studio is a static code analyzer that finds issues and errors in C, C++, C#, and Java code. Works with Linux, Windows, and macOS environments. You can start both as a command line and a plugin. The analyzer also works locally from the cloud.

  • Supports a variety of analysis types (intermodular, data flow analysis, incremental, and tenant analysis).
  • Available offline
  • Cross-platform
  • Handles false positives
  • Helps individuals or teams maintain code quality
  • Fast, high-quality support from analytical instrument developers.
  • Provides easy operation of legacy code and mass suppression of alerts from the analyzer.
  • Supports security and safety standards: MISRA C, OWASP TOP 10, C++, AUTOSAR, Cwe.
  • Integrated into SonarQube
  • Unclear pricing for the commercial version

4. Veracode

This is mainly established as a way to improve the security of the application and find errors in the coding. It's a very thorough tool that definitely improves your code, but it takes a lot of time to scan. Therefore, it is best to use it as a final check to check whether there are any vulnerabilities left. This is the best solution for teams seeking a universal solution for all applications' security code quality meets through various types of analysis.

  • Supports analysis of various types of applications, such as Android packages, DLLs, iOS packages, Java codes, etc.
  • It is available as a SaaS models that can be scaled as required.
  • Detailed, customizable scan reports.
  • Integration with the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Scan mobile app.
  • Scans use a lot of networks, and they're totally dependent on bandwidth.

5. Codacy

The last code quality tool is Codacy. This free-to-use tool automatically checks common issues and problems of code. The report is provided in the same environment as the stylish dashboard.

  • Automated Testing
  • Provide timely feedback with code quality metrics.
  • Analyze architecture by managing code complexity.
  • Sketch the effects of one component on the other.
  • Comprehensive reports on bugs and security.
  • Easy to use.
  • Monitor code security and quality standards.
  • Clearly display the codebase with intuitive UI and dashboards.
  • Supports more than 30 programming languages, including Python, PHP, and JAVA. This allows you to quickly and easily check the real-time quality of your code.
  • The default rule set cannot be configured to any extent.


There are several tools you can use to enhance the quality of code your team distributes. But Zevo tops all the tools due to its outstanding features. In addition to improving the code review process, Zevo can improve the quality of code in different ways that you can learn more from the code quality solution page.

Zevo optimizes the development process and helps you to release better code faster. Pipeline metrics help you identify the inefficiencies. You can also set goals, track progress on objectives, and achieve goals with the Worker automation bot of ZEVo. Finally, the Zevo project deal tracker provides a holistic view of what the development team is doing and how it is connected to the larger business context to help facilitate coordination, plan, and provide more value.

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